Health & Hygiene

At Stepping Stone School, we think of the health and safety of our students and families as the bedrock upon which everything else we build rests. So providing a learning environment that is clean, healthy and secure is our number-one priority.

Our hygienic practices often exceed those required by state regulations and recommended in the National Association for the Education of Young Children standards. For example, Stepping Stone School requires:

  • gloves to be worn during diaper changes;
  • changing station disinfection and fresh exam paper for each diaper change;
  • soiled diapers to be removed from the building immediately following a change;
  • infant room air-purification systems;
  • use of nontoxic sanitizing solution;
  • use of eco-friendly anti-microbial and non-irritating cleaning solutions;
  • HEPA-filtered vacuuming of buildings daily at the close of business; and
  • negative tuberculosis test-results verification from all staff members.

Stepping Stone School’s supreme safety measures give parents comfort and confidence, so they can give us their trust. Our safeguards include:

  • 24-hour video surveillance;
  • security-code-access entrance;
  • background, FBI-fingerprint and criminal-history checks on all potential employees;
  • staff ID badges;
  • stringent name-to-face transition procedures to ensure each child is accounted for at key points throughout the day;
  • CPR- and first-aid-certified staff;
  • outdoor canopies with 98% UV protection; and
  • age-appropriate outdoor playgrounds, positioned a safe distance from surrounding streets and parking lots, and enclosed by privacy fencing.

At eight of our largest campuses, Stepping Stone School has added video monitoring cameras in all classrooms, with the real-time video feed displayed on monitors in the welcome area or principal’s office. This system helps families transition between home and school, and reassures parents that their children are adjusting once parents leave the classroom. The video system is also used to train and monitor new employees.

It’s this meticulous commitment to sustaining a healthful, secure school that earns your peace of mind and well being, and helps make Stepping Stone School the best.

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