Open Enrollment Day!

Join Us for Open Enrollment Day in March!

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Stepping Stone School Open Enrollment DayWe invite you to see for yourself all the joy and learning that goes on at Stepping Stone School! We’ll be showcasing our academic programs all day Thursday, March 16th, 2017, at all of our campuses.

Stop by for an up-close look at what goes on inside our Premier Private Preschool! There will be special activities for you and your child to participate in before and after your tour.

We invite you to visit with us and allow us to show you just why your family wants to be at Stepping Stone School! Visit your child’s school during our regular hours that day and take home a free book to enjoy with your child.

Attend the open enrollment day to be eligible for:

Enrollment Fee Credit. Enroll on April 1st or April 15th, 2017, and we will credit your paid enrollment fee. ($100 value)*

A 10% discount off your monthly tuition when you enroll two or more siblings, as long as one child is enrolled full time. (Regular discount is 5%)**

ENROLLMENT DRAWING! If you enroll at the open enrollment day with a start date of April 1st or April 15th, 2017, you will be entered into a drawing for a one-month tuition scholarship.***

This month’s specials are only available if you attend our March Open Enrollment Day and enroll on April 1st or April 15th.

* must be paid up front and will then be credited to first full month’s tuition
** at least one child must be enrolled full time, both enrolled during April
*** for your oldest child enrolled, after three months of paid tuition